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It is with a heavy heart that I reply to this sad news. When I visited India last year, meeting Saraswathi-Ji was the highlight of my stay. She was a woman of presence as well as a lady of character. Just to hold her hand and catch her gaze made me feel that I was in the presence not only of a great human being, but a being about whom books should be written, a being whose name should be immortalized in encyclopedias and dictionaries. I never had the honor of meeting Gora, but I could sense that Saraswathi-Ji must have been more than just his shadow. She must have been a truly equal partner and motive force. On behalf of all American Atheists, I send to all the Gora family and all our friends at the Atheist Centre at Vijayawada our condolence and deepest sympathy. We take courage in the knowledge that both Saraswathi-Ji and Gora-Ji live on in the work and service to humankind you all are performing. I assure you that we we all stand with you in the fight against ignorance, superstition, and all the injustices that religion has created in society.

Frank R. Zindler, Editor, American Atheist Press, USA

It is with immense sorrow I hear this morning that Mrs. Saraswathi died last night. The Atheist Centre will never be the same any more, even if I know that you all will protect and fight for her values and visions. Even if she can never be replaced, what she has meant to us all will help you to strenghten and develop the Atheist Centre as well as atheism and humanism in India and internationally.

Levi Fragell, Past President IHEU, U.K., Norway

I am writing to express my condolences to you all on the death of Saraswathi Gora. She was a truly remarkable woman, and it was a privilege to have met her on my two visits to the Atheist Centre. What a wonderful heritage she has left behind her! May you all continue in your important work with determination and enthusiasm, as she brought to it for so many decades.

Alice Bondi, Daughter of Sir Hermann Bondi, World Renowned Astrophysicist, U.K.

Dear Friends, I want to express to you my sorrow at hearing about the death of Saraswathi Gora and to say what a great lady she was and how much I appreciate having known her. I can imagine how much you will miss her. She did so much for the cause of atheism and castelessness in India and that work and her contribution to it will never be forgotten. It will be remembered not only in India but all over the world. I know that you will all continue with her causes and that the Atheist Centre will go from strength to strength. I always enjoy getting news of your work but do not see that I am likely to manage to visit you in the near future.

Christine Bondi, Wife of Sir Hermann Bondi, World Renowned Astrophysicist, U.K.

Please accept my sympathies with the loss your organisation has suffered. Mrs. Saraswathi Gora was a genuine champion of humanity.

Prof. Rob Buitenweg, University of Humanist Studies, The Netherlands

Ammamma's demise is a great loss to not only to our family but also to the social movement, which she and Dadaji had spearheaded. In this moment of tragedy we shall take a firm commitment to take forward the movement. This will be the highest mark of respect for her. Although we are not able to be physically present there in Vijayawada, our thoughts are very much there with all the family members.

Dr. Jagathi, Dr. Hariharan, Dwithi, Nishwal, Trinadad and Tobago, West Indies

I regret very much to learn that Mrs. Saraswati Gora has passed away. The void she left in the movement of Gora is too big but the deeds she performed through out her life in the welfare of mankind are too large. Though physically she might have left the Impact of her on mankind, Atheism and realism will stand for years to come. I and my wife convey our hearty condolences to all of you - Lavanam, Vijayam, Samaram and Nyanta and other member of Atheist centre on this sad moment.

Dr.N.S.Das, Medical Consultant in Biochemistry, Kingdom of Bahrain

We are personally saddened by her death, and wish to send all of you our sincerest condolences. What a remarkable woman! In her long life she has accomplished much and been an inspiration to many. Her good works will live on, not only in her personal attainments, but also in the fruits of the many people she has influenced, however directly or indirectly. We are sure that we would not be doing what we do today had we not first encountered Mr. Lavanam, and we will not forget the many contributions of the Gora family.

Mynga Futrell and Paul Geisert, U.S.A

To all members and friends of The Atheist Centre: I am crying as I write you of my deep sorrow over the death of Saraswathi Gora, though all the memories that flooded back on hearing this news are happy and positive. It is a privilege to have known Saraswathi and Gora and to have been accepted by them like a member of their own family. To my memory Saraswathi stands out as rock of unperturbable awareness, secure in her own person, and thus able to lend unobtrusive support to all around her, from a deep and heartfelt generosity. She gave me my first shehnai, having seen my fascination with the instrument at a wedding ceremony right next to the Atheist Centre. Thank you, Saraswathi, not only for that, but for the love you showed me, and for all you have meant and will continue to mean to those who have known you and those whom your works have touched.

Dr. Bjorn Merker, Sweden.

I am indeed very shocked to hear of the demise of your dear mother. I am sure that you would have the mental courage to stand the permanent separation. Kindly convey my heartfelt condolences to all the dear ones at the Atheist Centre.

Gilbert, U.S.A.

We are all saddened by the news. Saraswathi Gora was an inspiration to everyone who met her. I well remember the lucidity of her thoughts and the magnetism with which she spoke at meetings even when physically frail and in her 90s. She will be sadly missed. Please pass on my condolences to the Gora family and colleagues.

Roy Brown, Past President, IHEU, U.K.

This is to express grief at the sad demise of the late Mrs. Ssaraswathi Gora, the founder of Atheist Centre. May her memory be a source of peace for the bereaved family. I share this grief with the members and staff of the Atheist Centre.

Dr. M Younes Sheikh, Switzerland

I was very sad to hear about the passing away of Mrs. Saraswathi Gora. She was a truly great woman. Please accept my condolences.

Suresh Lalvani, IHEU, U.K.

Thank you for sharing the sad information of Mrs. Saraswathi Gora's death. She deserves much honor for her life accomplishments. I am proud to have met her when I visited Atheist Centre in 1996 for the 4th World Atheist Conference. I will feature her life in our next Atheists For Human Rights newsletter. Please extend my condolences to the Gora family.

Marie Alena Castle, Atheists For Human Rights, USA.

Thank you for letting us know. Our sincerest condolences.

Bill Broderick, Humanist Association of Canada, Canada

Sad news. Thanks for keeping me informed.

Jeffrey Peel, U.S.A

Please give my sincerest sympathies to Lavanum and his family. Ms. Gora was a true freethought pioneer and will be missed. I will put an article on this in the next issue of the Atheists United's newsletter.

Jon Nelson (Editor, Rational Alternative, Atheists United), USA

Saraswathi Gora is one of the very few, whom i remember daily to activate myself for the progress of humanity. My condolences to the family members.

CHALLAGULLA BALAKRISHNA, College of Engineering, Hyderabad

Myself and Muralidhar felt very much for the demine of Smt.Saraswathi Gora your beloved mother committed rationalist to the last minute. Kindly accept condolences on behalf of me, Muralidhar and Rationalist Voice readers.

M. Subbarao (Editor) and Muralidhar (Associate Editor)

To All members of Gora Family, We were shocked to hear the sad news of the demise of Smt. Saraswati Gora, who was a great source of inspiration not only to those individuals and organizations engaged in social development work but also all the women of India as her entire life was a dedication for the emancipation of women, especially for rural women. She may not be with us in person, but her sprit shines forth like a beacon to light the path of the entire NGO community who is striving for Antyodaya - the uplifment of the last women and man. We wish the Gora Family all the strength to bear this calamity with calm in the hour of turmoil and carry forth their movement of sustainable development.
We are at a loss of words to express our pain at this terrible tragedy. The ties of one family are so deep rooted that this great loss is akin to losing the head of the family. We simply pray for you all to have the strength to bear this shock. We are with you in thought and spirit.

Prabha Devendra & Family, Magan Sangrahalaya Samiti, Wardha, Maharashtra

We, in Bala Vikasa, received the news of Mrs. Saraswathi Goraís passing away with deep sadness. Mrs. Saraswathi Gora was a great woman who faced the challenges of life with courage and determination. She, together with her late husband Mr. Gora, set ablaze a trail of social reforms which will keep on lighting up the lives of generations to come. Mrs. Saraswathi Gora had indeed left her footprints on the sand of life, so that others can follow without ever having any fear of being lost. We, express our heart-felt condolence to all the family members on this sad occasion.

Bala Vikasa, Warangal, A.P.

It is so sad to know about the demise of our respected Amma. I was talking about her and you all yesterday evenning to my one close friend in Pune. Therefore news about her demise came as shocking surprise. Well, death is part of life and she lived her life fully with most inspiring way. We all will miss her body whereas her preachings and work will remain with us as great source of moving towards making a humane society. All of us are with you and your estended family.

Kumar Kalanand Mani, Director, Peaceful Society, Goa.

Our deepest condolences on the demise of Mrs. Saraswathi Gora ji and we all stand with you all in this hour of grief

Dr. Kamala Radhakrishna and family

It is with great sadness that I received the news of Saraswathi Gora's demise. For several minutes I sat stunned, then memories started storming in the brain, feelings started flooding in my heart. She was not only a wonderful human being to all who knew her, but a mother, sister, grandmother, friend, philosopher and guide to many who had the opportunity to know her closely. More than anything else, she was a revolutionary to the core who contributed to the advance of human civilization.
In her departure, thousands of people would feel like orphans. The Atheist Centre would certainly feel the deepest sorrow. She was not only its main pillar, but also the largest umbrella under which everyone could find shelter. I always considered that the Gora Family was the only true Gandhian family left in India whcih always stood for social equality and economic justice. The Gora couple was true inspiration for the country for more than half a century ! In her passing away all of us, probably the largest human family of the world, have lost a great deal. But we cannot affod to lose courage and conviction. That will be the greatest tribute that we can give to Saraswathi Gora. She will guide us in the future. I am with all of you in these hours of sorrow and tears.

E. P. Menon, World Friends College, Bangalore.

I have just learnt the news about the passing away of Saraswati Gora from the PTI news service and was saddened by her death. I fondly remember meeting her when we visited Vijaywada and was quite moved by the warmth shown by her in spite of apparent illness. A true atheist as she was does not need the message of "peace to her soul" but my heart goes out to all of you in the immediate and extended family in this moment of grief. And I truely wish that her legacy is carried forward by the devoted activists like you.

Rajender Singh Negi ,The Yomiuri Shimbun, New Delhi Bureau

We the member of Institute of Gandhian Studies, Wardha share the sorrow of loss Late Saraswatiji.

Bharat Mahodaya, Director, Institute of Gandhian Studies

Itís a great loss for all of us, especially the Humanistic & Atheistic World. We join you in this mourning.

Shariff Gora, Mumtaz, Shariff Nasreen Roy, Rochan Roy and Samaikya Roy.

We got shocked to learn about the sad but victorious demise of Mata Saraswati Gora the co-founder of the Atheist Centre. Our all 48 Kids, all associates and we ourselves mourn for her for this great loss of the Humanity. Her brave and continuous fighting for flourishing of Positive Atheism, upliftment of the downtodden, unprivilaged and untouchables is illustrious. She always stood as a torch to illuminate the world with the possibility of peace, equality and individual sovereignty. Along with the great Gora her memory will be acting as a great booster for them who want to see this human world as even, just, peaceful, equal, magic free and unsuperstitious world with compassion, service, empathy and prosperity. We know that the Atheist Center Family is strong and brave enough to to bear this loss but we hope they will be always putting the light of the ideas and inspirations of the Great Gora Couple for them who always seek some ways to work for the positive betterment of the humanity. We are sending this sad news to our listserve for the knowledge of its members.

Swami Manavatavadi, Humanist, Kuruskertra

We moan the passing away of Mrs Saraswati Gora. She made an invaluable contribution in the development of not only athiest centre but also in the humanist movement in Andhra Pradesh and elsewhere. Her life would always inspire people, women in particular, to work for the upliftment of humanist values. I do hope that all the members of athiest centre will work harder to fulfill her dreams of a humanist society. I share my grief and sorrow with the athiest centres and humanist friends in these hours of moaning. In solidarity,

Vidya Bhushan Rawat, SDF, New Delhi.

My most sincere condolences to every one in your family.

Aditya Mishra, Social Scientist, USA

My heart felt condolences to you and all the bereaved.

V. Ramachandran

Saraswati Gora`s death created enormour gap in the atheist, humanist, rationalist world. She did yeoman service to the cause of scientific approach to problems and stood like rock in crisis. She faced ugly situations and defended reason at every jucture. I know her personally since 1955. The world atheist leaders visited her and amazed at her dedicated work for upliftment of downtrodden along with Gora. Every visitor to Atheist center will remember her host part and human approach to problems. I express my deep sympathy to Gora Family and to the Atheist Community. Saraswathi Goraís seath is a great loss to the humanist world and created big vacuum in rationalist field. I know her since 1955 and closely observed her passion for service and plea for reason.

N. Innaiah, Chairman Center for Inquiry India, Hyderabad