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Gora Science Centre   ( Golden Jubilee Year )

Gora Science Centre was started by Gora in 1961 as a wake up call to the people of India to promote scientific temper. The centre with its interactive touch, feel and explore popular science exhibits helps people to understand basic scientific principles and develop critical inquiry. The centre adopts scientific strategies to investigative the claims of the paranormal and godmen. It also focuses awareness building on witchcraft & sorcery and their impact on children and women.

Article 51 A (h) of the Indian Constitution mentions that, "It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to develop the scientific temper, humanism, spirit of inquiry and reform."

Our programs:

Our programs cover various scientific aspects of Water, pollution, health & sanitation, alternative sources of energy, forest protection, disaster management, wealth from waste, plastics, rainwater harvesting. Our activities include:

  • Environmental Education in Schools
  • Science and Environmental Exhibitions
  • Extension Activities (Exposing Witchcraft & Sorcery in Medak, Nalgonda, Nizamabad, Mahaboobnagar, Warangal and Krishna Districts)
  • Advocacy and Networking
  • Demonstrative Lectures and Workshops
  • Science Yatras
  • Dissemination of information through media
  • Publishing articles, leaflets, booklets and books
  • Medical Science Exhibition and Weekly Medical Lecture Series


  • To disseminate scientific knowledge through science exhibitions and other media
  • To catalyze the creativity of young scientific minds and nurture their interests in the relevant areas
  • To encourage excellence and innovations in informal and interactive science learning
  • To make science learning more exciting, enjoying and appealing
  • To build scientific outlook and temper
  • To foster successful partnerships and collaborations through science exhibitions and various programmes
  • To investigate the claims of the paranormal


Gora Science Centre is committed to bring science within the realms of the common people from the pedestals of scientific research. The centre aims to disseminate scientific knowledge among the public to realize the relevance of science and technology in their daily lives.


Gora Science Centre is dedicated to promote public understanding of science and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and formulation of common goals.


G.Niyanta, M.Sc.Tech.
Atheist Centre,
Benz Circle,
Vijayawada 520 010,
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +91 866 2472330
Fax: +91 866 2474850
E-mail: atheistcentre@rediffmail.com


In order to enhance the scientific understanding of common people, Vasavya Nursing Home has a permanent Health Exhibition which nests a complete set of human anatomical parts such as the heart, kidneys, liver, brain, pancreas, intestines, fetus etc. Most of the superstitions in India are related to health and especially to birth of a child and the so called "external influences" such as eating papaya will lead to abortion, influence of solar eclipse on a pregnant woman etc. To combat such kind of superstitions, the permanent Health Exhibition allows people to touch, feel, see and understand about human anatomy. The Exhibition is an extension activity of Vasavya Nursing Home of Atheist Centre and is located within the campus.


Dr. G. Samaram M.B.,B.S and Dr. G. Maru
Vasavya Nursing Home
Atheist Centre,
Benz Circle,
Vijayawada 520010
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +91 866 2472370
Fax: +91 866 2474850