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50th year of Gora Science Exhibition

Science & Scientific Outlook are inseparable

Inaugurated on Dec. 2, 2010

"Today every one is ready to accept and enjoy the fruits of science. As our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru repeatedly harped on promotion of science and Scientific outlook. It is a must for nationís progress. Scientific temper is very much needed for sustained development." said the Divisional Railway Manager Mr. Anurag while inaugurating the Golden Jubilee Science Exhibition of the Gora Science Centre at Atheist Centre on December 2 morning. It was organized in collaboration with the Pollution Control Board, Vijayawada.

Mr Anurag commended the role of Gora, an associate of Gandhi, the freedom fighter, social reformer and atheist who fought against superstitions and blind beliefs and popularized science and scientific outlook. He initiated Science exhibitions to inculcate scientific temper and rational outlook among people. The Gora Science Centre continues his legacy by undertaking rural development and working with youth to promote science exhibitions for the last half a century to build a better society with a new value system, he said.

IMA National President Dr. G. Samaram who presided over the inaugural function said it is a matter of grave concern that even the highly educated are steeped to superstitions and miracle mind. When the educated develop the questioning spirit and rational outlook, India could make progress in all fields.

Siddhartha Engineering College Principal Prof. K. Mohan Rao recalled the decades of association of their institution with Gora Science Centre in organizing the Science Exhibitions. He said Gora Science Centre made a mark not only in the city, but also in the State with its pioneering role in popularizing science, technology and scientific outlook among the young and the youth.

Deputy Transport Commissioner Mr. A. Mohan said that the degradation of environment and rising levels of pollution and the enormous increase in the vehicular accidents in the state is a matter of grave concern for all. He said that many a precious life is lost because of non observance of safety precautions like the speed limit, wearing the helmet and the lack of restraint on the use of mobile phones while driving. Environment can be protected with peopleís active cooperation, he said.

Gora Science Centre Director Mr. Niyanta welcomed and Atheist Centre Director Dr. Vijayam explained the main activities of Gora Science Centre in the last 50 years. It is the peopleís good will and cooperation of various institutions that enabled it to embark on the programmes to further strengthen scientific outlook among people..

In this Science Exhibition the participants included Siddhartha Medical College which exhibited the soft parts of the human body and the Siddhartha Engineering College displayed the functioning of the patrol and diesel engines of vehicles. Siddhartha Institute of Technology, MIK institute of Technology, Kanchikacherla, and Montessouri, Maris Stella, Siddhartha Science and Arts Colleges, The South Central Railway, KCP, Vuyyur, Zenko, Pollution Control Board, NEDCAP, Transport Department, Voluntary organizations like Arthik Samata Mandal, high schools and other educational institutions participated in the Exhbition. The exhibits are highly instructive and the free exhibition is open from morning 10 to afternoon 5 at Atheist Centre in Benz Circle. Large number of people visited the Golden Jubilee exhibition with keen interest.

The exhibition received wide media attention . All India Radio, broadcast a curtain raiser for 30 minutes and also interviews of participants on the 6th instant.

Valedictory Function

"The first fifty years have great significance in the life of an individual of an institution. The Golden Jubilee of the Gora Science Centre which is involved in the promotion of science and scientific temper in society made a mark in society by its consistent and persistent effort and proved its mettle. The future of society is intricately interconnected with its ability to be innovative in its approaches in promoting science in every sphere of life", said Siddhartha Medical College Principal Dr K. Prabha Devi while delivering the valedictory address of Gora Science Exhibition here at Atheist Centre on December 4.

She commended the organizers of the Gora Science Centre for sowing the seeds of critical thinking among the young and the youth. She said that true to the ideals of well known atheist and social revolutionary Gora, the organizers are adopting innovative constructive approaches to motivate the youth to be harbingers of change.

The Principal of Siddhartha Institute of Technology Dr. K. Srinivasu said that in this scientific age, education plays a key role in mounding the lives of the individuals. He urged the students to shed superstitions and blind beliefs and adopt rational and scientific thinking. He said Gora Science Centre has become an integral part of the life of many individuals in the State with its innovative ways to reach the unreached. The development programmes undertaken by Atheist Centre cover a broad spectrum of activities to train the younger generation with new lines of thinking. He said that the students must grasp the fundamentals of science and technology and also should remember the history of science as many pioneers of science had to face the wrath of the then society for treading the path of innovation in their search for truth. We could see further today as we stand on the shoulders of many giants in science. We are beholden to them for modernizing the science on the right path and science and progress in every field are intertwined, he said.

Medical Director of Vasavya Nursing Home and known gynecologist Dr Maru, who presided over the Valedictory, said that many superstitions are ruining the lives of the individuals like the belief in witchcraft and sorcery and retarding the onward march of society. She said that the medical exhibits in the Gora Science Centre which depict the soft parts of the human body attract wide attention of the young the old alike as many are unaware of their body parts and their functioning. She said Vasavya Nursing Home regularly organizes weekly health education lectures of the last one decade which attract wide attention of the public. People, in particular women should shed superstitions and adopt scientific temper.

The Gora Science Centre Director Mr. Niyanta said that thousands of people visited the science exhibition with keen interest as all generations are growing together in the field of science and technology. Old values and institutions must change in tune with the changing times, and needs, he said.

In the Valedictory a number of prizes were given to the High School and college students for exhibiting their talent in various fields of science. Former MP Mrs. Chennupati Vidya, PCB Engineer Mrs. Sashikala, Atheist Centre Executive Director Dr. Vijayam participated in the function. As a part of the exhibition, essay and drawing and painting competitions were held and the winners were given many prizes. The organizers announced that in the Golden Jubilee Year Gora Science Centre would embark on many innovative programmes with the public support.