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Vasavya Mahila Mandali is a women’s Organisation of Atheist Centre. Vasavya is an abbreviation in Telugu language, which stands for reality, social outlook and development of individual personality.

VMM has a working women’s hostel which is a opportunity for women from distant locations to stay and work in and around Vijayawada. It is a step towards women empowerment. The Short Stay Home (Gora Abhaya Nivas) is for women with social problems such as widows, battered women, victims of torture etc., who come for counselling and guidance on family matters from Mrs. Mythri and Mrs. Saraswathi Gora. It is an institutional approach which helps women to realize their potentials and get mainstreamed after trained in various vocational skills such as nursing, biscuit making, bathik printing etc. Women who are the victims of social problems come from far and wide and they receive the much needed protection and reassurance that their life is worth living.

The Swetcha Gora Eye Bank was named after Swetcha Gora who donated her eyes and acted as an example to others. More than 150 cornea transplantation operations were undertaken and many blind people got their eye sight restored and given hope to be bread earners of their family. Home and Community Based HIV AIDS awareness has been one of the exemplary innovations undertaken by VMM which focuses on children and parents and people living with HIV AIDS and working towards their mainstreaming. Street children rehabiliation program focuses on creating awareness on STDs and HIV AIDS and mainstreaming them into the society through counselling and guidance.

Criminal Reformation program at Seetanagaram settlement is also undertaken wherein they are given livelihood options so that they sustain themselves rather than taking criminal ways to earn their living. Various vocational and skill based trainings are undertaken for women so that they realize their potential and able to express their skills and be equal bread earner of the family. With a view to promote secular art and culture, Vasavya Nrutya Vihar, in which children from different age groups learn dance on secular themes such as national integration, social problems etc in promoting humanist values. Using the traditional dance form, these artists convey the message of secularism, humanism, science and scientific and social outlook. Mrs. Vidya, former MP is President and Mrs. Rashmi Samaram is the Secretary of Vasavya Mahila Mandali.


Mrs. Rashmi Samaram,
Vasavya Mahila Mandali,
Atheist Centre,
Benz Circle,
Vijayawada 520 010,
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: +91 866 24789784,2470966
Fax: +91 866 2473056
E-mail: vasavya@vasavya.com , vasavyamm@sify.com
Website: www.vasavya.com