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The Golden Jubilee, Feb. 1990

The Golden Jubilee celebrations of Atheist Centre on February 3-5, 1990 received world wide attention. Atheist Centre was the first known Atheist Centre in the World. Hence, its Golden Jubilee Celebrations commenced with an International Conference which was inaugurated by the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Ms. Kumudben Joshi. Sir Hermann Bondi, former Master of Churchill College, Cambridge University, UK, presided. He said that "Atheist Centre is a shining beacon to us all. Its work through a wide area has much to show and teach to us."

For the first time distinguished atheists, humanists, rationalists, secularists, freethinkers and social change champions assembled in Vijayawada in large numbers to show their solidarity with Atheist Centre. On this occasion a 200 page Souvenir was released with articles from India and abroad. The articles included Nobel Laureate Prof. Francis Crick’s "How I got inclined towards Atheism."