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Mission & Objectives


Atheist Centre is a social change organization striving for eradication of superstitions, inculcating rational, scientific and secular outlook for spreading positive atheism and humanism as a way of life (life-stance).


  1. To impart & promote scientific, secular, democratic & cosmopolitan outlook among people through various educational processes and to make them better citizens by helping them to realize their responsibilities and to discharge their duties in society.

  2. To establish educational institutions and training centres at various levels for promoting formal, non-formal and experimental education, adult education & social education, and skills for self reliance.

  3. To impart training & promote research in academic & practical fields

  4. To impart & improve skills among people in agriculture, industry, commerce and trade

  5. To promote health education & establish hospitals & other medical programmes

  6. To promote fine arts for cultural and moral development

  7. To help & promote peaceful, nonviolent and constructive activities for social change, and Positive Atheism

  8. To produce, print and publish literature for disseminating rational and secular approach, scientific outlook and civic consciousness

  9. To hold exhibitions of science & arts at various places.