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Sex education and family planning

In a traditional society like India, championing sex education is an uphill task. Undaunted by the hurdles, Atheist Centre is championing sex education. Dr Samaram of Atheist Centre has been writing on sex science in the most popular Telugu daily newspaper Eenadu for more than five years. His Five Volumes Sex, Science became very popular. So far, Dr Samaram published over 150 books on health education, family planning, popularising medical science. The books are widely read. For the last thirty years Dr Samaram has been contributing every week in the dailies and weeklies on various aspects of health and his column of questions and answers on sex problems is receiving wide attention. Dr. Samaram, is not only a medical science writer, but also a practicing doctor. He and Dr. Maru are helping in the Organisation of health camps and AIDS awareness programmes on a wider scale.