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Striving for Social Cohesion

When peace and tranquility is disturbed in society, steps for conflict resolution and reconciliation become necessary. Hence the Atheist Centre took up Peace Marches in strife torn areas. When the Mulki agitation for a separate Telangana caused untold misery, Gora undertook a peace march on foot. Similarly in 1989, Atheist Centre organised a Unity March on foot for seventy days covering a distance of 1400 kilometers in four riot-torn districts of Andhra. The March headed by Mr. Lavanam and Mrs Hemalata Lavanam received good response from the people who were affected by the social tensions. On earlier occasions Gora organised similar marches, including the foot march from Gandhi’s Ashram in Sevagram near Nagpur to Delhi, covering a distance of 1000 miles in one hundred days.